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  • Emergent Biosolutions

    As a global specialty pharmaceutical company, Emergent offers specialized products to healthcare providers and governments to address medical needs and emerging health threats.

  • Oxiteno

    A multinational chemical company with a global presence. Our operations are guided by our concern for people and the environment, in addition to an ongoing desire to innovate and to make people’s lives easier, helping create a world that is a better place to live. We believe in the evolution of the world through chemistry.

    A leader in surfactants and specialty chemicals in Latin America, Oxiteno offers solutions for the Agrochemicals, Home Care and I&I, Oil & Gas, Paints & Coatings, Performance Product and Personal Care markets.

  • Reactive Surfaces
    (512) 472-8282

    Reactive Surfaces adds functionality to paints and coatings, “bringing them to life.”

    Initially, our bioengineered additives were designed for decontamination and remediation of chemical and biological threat agents. Today, RSL is developing enzyme- and peptide-based additives for self-cleaning surfaces, biocidal surfaces, mold-inhibiting surfaces, deodorizing surfaces, textiles with reactive coatings, self-healing coatings and catalytic column coatings for liquid and gaseous waste-stream decontamination.

  • Chromis Technologies
    (732) 764-0900

    We’ve invented cutting-edge cyclic fluoromonomer synthesis, polymerization, and post-polymerization processing methods, disrupting the status quo in the field of amorphous fluoropolymers. Our proprietary methods allow us to do such things as:

    vary the types and proportions of comonomers in our formulations
    customize functional groups
    control molecular weight and polydispersity
    increase or decrease material viscosity and solubility
    vary temperature performance
    At the same time, we’ve eliminated the need for fluorosurfactants such as PFOA/PFOS/GenX.

    We work with clients to combine our deep knowledge of specialized fluorochemistry techniques with your insights about the requirements that would make your application work better. This gives us a pretty good idea of whether a new material is both technically feasible to synthesize and practical to use commercially. This “rational design” approach to collaborative innovation delivers the best solution to you without compromise.

    We’re using this approach to deliver solutions for a cleaner environment, to transmit data at the speed of light, and to enable new technologies and products across industries.

  • Mississippi Polymer Institute
    (601) 266-4607

    MPI is a non-profit industrial outreach arm that serves to foster business growth. It was born out of the School of Polymers & High Performance Materials and is sponsored by The University of Southern Mississippi.

    MPI strives to put the customer first and provide an environment that provides assistance to the entire advanced-material ecosystem. This starts at student outreach activities to increase interest and participation, then more advanced contributions to support product conceptualization-to-commercialization to grow businesses. At later stages this involves troubleshooting manufacturing issues and providing workforce training that enables companies to achieve new sustainable goals.

    MPI's capabilities include but are not limited to several aspects of material science: polymer synthesis, composite manufacturing, testing, compounding, extruding, molding, design, CAD modeling, 3D printing, workforce training, and educational outreach.

    In addition to serving industry with dedicated staff, laboratories, and equipment, MPI leverages resources with the School of Polymers and High-Performance Materials when highly specialized knowledge or equipment benefits customers.

  • Accelerator
    (601) 266-4607

    Our mission is to drive economic development through technology innovation and commercialization. We serve business as an innovation center for accelerated technologies development, scale-up, market validation, manufacturing and commercialization--all under the same roof. We foster entrepreneurship and job creation through the acceleration of new business formation, growth and viability.

    We want our clients to invest in their intellectual capital and their people. Our innovative approach involves a unique combination of a full-service 60,000-square-foot facility, including private offices and laboratories, a high throughput formulation science lab and a pilot plant, along with world-class expertise in complete product development and commercialization. Clients have access to state-of-the-art equipment and amenities without the tremendous overhead.

  • Yellowhammer

    (601) 310-9687

    Patent Lawyer.

  • Wiggins Research Group

    (601) 266-6246
  • Gould-Piland Research Group

    (601) 266-6339

    Our laboratory investigates the biomechanics of blunt impact events that have the potential to cause brain injury. Our goal is to understand how the nature of the impact event, the biomechanical and physiological state of the human, as well as energy mitigating technologies combine to influence the response of the head to blunt impacts. Through these efforts we help military, sport, and corporate entities develop standards, best practices and technologies that are well suited to reduce the risk for brain injury in humans.

  • AITC Polymers